I cannot find my Plugin. As I search, it doesn't return result

Hey, I made my private plugin and I cannot find it from plugins tab. Is there any way I could find? or integrate.
I am new to bubble.

Thanks in advance.


I am still learning but I struggled with this a yesterday so I figured out how to use it.

  • Go your plug-in,
  • go to the Versions tab,
  • and under “App to test this plugin” fill in the name of your app.

Then, inside your app:

  • draw a text field (assuming your plug-in pulls in data),
  • select dynamic data,
  • get data from external API",
  • “add more APIs…”

The top hit should be your plug in with (testing) next to it.

  • Your plug-in doesn’t need to be published to show up in your app.
  • the name of your app is https://bubble.io/page?id=[NAME OF YOUR APP]

Also,don’t forget to assign a category to your plugin. Mine were not showing up because I did not give them any category

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Maybe I’m doing something stupid, but I can’t get this to work, despite reading rico’s explanation.

In the app to test field of the plugin editor, I put https://bubble.io/page?id=name_of_my_app, but I still can’t see it from within my app. Anything else I should do to see it in my list of available plugins for this app?

Thanks, Andrew

only put name_of_my_app and it will work fine.

That worked! I should have tried the simplest option first. I’m a Bubble noob.

Thanks, Andrew