New Plugin is Unavailable to my Repeating Group

How do I make my new bubble plugin available?

I have created a plugin using the bubble plugin template and got a success call response.

But when I go to the interface and add a repeatgroup, the source under get information for api doesn’t show my plugin.

It seems I need to make it available but I don’t know how.
Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @vanleurth, you’ll either need to add your app as a test app in the plugin settings - just enter the app name in the input box, and the plugin will become available. Or, you’ll need to publish it and then install in the app.


Thank you for your feedback. I went looking for the link to the bubble manual where this is explained but couldn’t find it.
Could you send me a link where it explains how to add test app to the plugin settings or where is this input box? In the repeat group?

Thank you