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I can't view availability in my calendar



Hello everyone

I have a problem that blocks me a lot to finish my web app.
I don’t understand why the availability of “utilisateur”, validated on “Inscriptionpro2_0”, are not displayed in the calendar on their profile. I must have missed something but I can’t see what.

I hope one of you will have the solution
Thanks a lot

Hey @dnadir23, since this is using the TopCal plugin I’ll jump in and take a loot at it soon for ya!

There are Empty fields in your Schedule data that are causing the Plugin to not work.

On the /profil page you properly reference the Time Slot Increment and Booking length here:

But in your Database you can see that those fields are actually empty, you will need values in there for it to work (or change the Expressions on the booking page)


Oh thank you very much I just have one more question for bookings.

I don’t know how I can save and remove et a booked appointment.

I tried to register the value of “current cell’s date” clicked but I don’t find it.

Have you a solution for that please ?

When the Button get’s clicked, add an Action here:
Add the Action Display Data in a Group, and you will want to display ‘Current Cell’s Date’ in the group called Group Create Booking

Then on the ‘Confirmer votre rendez-vous’ button, under the Create TopCal Booking Action:
Add the field ‘Booked range’ = Parent Group’s Date <-range-> Group End Time of Booking’s Date

(You will also need to change the Data Source of the Group End Time of Booking to reference the current page’s TopCal instead of doing the Search)

Once you start saving the Booked Date Ranges correctly, then you need to feed the Booked Ranges into the TopCal element here to remove the Time Slots from being available:

Here you will do a Search for Bookings associated with that schedule.

Hopefully you can piece things together with that, but if you need more assistance it would be easier if you changed the app to be Edited by Anyone


Sincerely thank you very much you have helped me a lot! I didn’t do well with the second part of your tutorial.
I followed your advice by putting my site in edition mode it’s better !

I take this opportunity to ask you a question. Is it possible to create a calendar that will display only the booked appointments so that the professional can see all his appointments?

No problem, I made some small changes to the Expression on the TopCal plugin to add in the Booked Times, and also made a change to creating the Booking workflow

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Really thank you a lot !

Sorry again but I think there is a bug because I can’t preview the page “Profil_2_0”

  1. you need to load data onto the page to test it, just using the Preview button won’t load a specific Calendar. You can use this link:

  2. The data was adjusted and the Time Slot Increment and Booking Length values were empty again (same issue we came across before). Those values must have been changed somewhere so I put some numbers back in

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Thank you a lot you really helped me I almost finish it but there is something I don’t understand.
Why when a someone choose his booking lenght and time slot increment the calendar doesn’t work ?

1 - the Time Slot Increment cannot be empty because in order to display time slots there needs to be an interval between them (even 1 second). There would be no Date/Time values if the time slots do not increase by a certain amount

2 - The Booking Length is needed to make sure Bookings cannot overlap with unavailable time (booked times or outside available hours)
Example, if I am available 9am until 10am:
If someone wants to book a 30 minute appointment, the latest time slot that that can be booked is 9:30am.
If the appointment length is 10 minutes, then the last time slot is at 9:50am

So the plugin requires those values and when empty they can cause an endless loop on the page (not work)

Thank you very much for your help I fixed all my web site !

Hi gf_wolfer, do you think maybe you’re able to help me with this one??
I’m really stuck with this…

Hello gf_wolfer,

Nicely explained.