I do not have permission to modify

I’ve never had this problem before.

When I am in my development mode, creating a new page to allow a user to add a new event listing when the new event listing is create either by page load workflow event or button press workflow event, I am given the same error message indicating I am not able to modify the event.


I’ve been using bubble for 2 years, have made pages like this dozens of times and never had this issue in the development mode when I am simply creating a new thing. I understand that when I want to auto bind on this thing that I will need to create permissions to allow this, but I’ve never experienced this before, even earlier today when working on a page that this page was copied from.

This is the privacy settings


I don’t understand why it is I can’t even view the page once the event is created.

I had something similar. I had a workflow that was to add a new thing to the user after a valid payment from Stripe. The workflow stopped at the “Add thing from step 3 to current user”. In the browser, a popup very similar threw an error about permission.

I went to the Privacy and everything seemed ok. Ran again, failed. As a last resort, I removed Privacy permission to debug and still it threw the error.

In the end, I created an API workflow to handle it which ran to ignore privacy and I was able to continue building. Was it a bug? I assumed no and that I must be doing something wrong but I tend to look for a way around to speed up things if possible.

Thanks for the input…I have to say this is a bug…at this point I have a pretty good grasp of what things happen…creating a new thing should not automatically cause a need to create privacy settings, plus the default setting states “the type is visible by everyone” when there is no role defined…

Creating work arounds for bubble bugs has been pretty exhausting for me recently, as I spend way too much time trying to trouble shoot and create work arounds for things that just aren’t working properly.

Turns out I had a bunch of errors on the page from copying and changing the page and group data types…seems like that caused some confusion about what data type should be accessed I guess…either way, I cleared all the errors and now it works fine.

Nope, never mind, it has come back to haunt me again.

I have the most basic, what is my go to in development mode, permission set up and it still won’t let me edit

Don’t know what is going on here.

I don’t think its a bug, just do this:

thanks that worked…i also got it to work by setting the condition this way

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