I give up. Need a tutor for one on one to help me finish my app

I’ve gotten pretty far on my app but just spent the last 2 hours not being able to animate a group when you hit a button. Always worked before, why not now? I realize I’ve wasted months on stuff like this so I finally need to admit defeat and get one on one help. I don’t have time to watch a million help videos to find that one process I’m working on so please don’t direct me to any help libraries. I’ve already gone down that road, spent a bunch of money on subscriptions that leave me w more questions than answers. I just need someone that I can call and say, “hey, why won’t this button animate a group?” I’ll pay whatever. Any takers? Thanks!! Sorry if I sound frustrated, just the lack of making any progress this evening over a dumb animation sort of gets your blood boiling. I’m sure most people can relate. Cheers!

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Highly recommend @boston85719 :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the recommendation. He’s all booked up it seems. Thank you though. Cheers.

@clay2 I believe you may have looked at my Bubble Bootcamps.

What @equibodyapp has been working with me on is 1:1 coaching/mentoring.

If you are interested in 1:1 sessions please send me a PM and we can discuss the details. I am available and do not currently have my schedule for private 1:1 coaching/mentoring sessions listed publicly. All bookings are set up via private messages or emails and we can arrange a date and time that work well for both of us.




You can check out bubble.io/coaching to find one that is available.

I know I’m personally booked this week too. I’m going to be adding more coaches soon to my site, so keep an eye out for it.

Hope that helps! :blush:

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

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Hey Matt. Thanks for the reply. I’d be interested in setting up a one hour session if possible. I’m free this evening actually if you happen to be too. I understand that’s stupid short notice so no worries if not. Sometime after about 10am your time there till maybe 1pm as that’s about 7-10 pm here. I am actually just outside of Ukiah so that’s interesting that you know the area. I’m going down to the bay this weekend so my next available time will be next week. Any evening my time, morning yours, would work. Here’s a link, https://infinitesymphony.bubbleapps.io/version-test/clays_index_v3?debug_mode=true that I think will let you see the app. The password is password and username is username. It’s a music app that I’m trying to build that allows people to invest tokens on the music and ultimately I want to create a cryptocurrency that people will use. That’s another chapter though. I’m using bubble to create a prototype I can test and get feedback on and then maybe use to look for more investment down the road, or at least as an example if I need to then hire dev’s to build that 2nd chapter, stand alone app. I’ll keep an eye on my emails. Let me know when your next window is and if I can answer anymore questions or anything. Thanks Matt. Looking forward to it. Cheers! Clay