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I have a good social media idea

I have a good social media idea is bubble good place to bring the idea in to existence if yes how it should be done advice will be appreciated thank you.


Search for “social”

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Hi @princepotlya

In order to make a social media application, the scale and how many users it will reach is important for Bubble. Browse the marketplace and you’ll see that there are loads of social media templates.

You can use the Bible, a user guide for Bubble, for this. In Bible you will find ready to use widgets to make your social media app more easily. It contains lots of features, tips and also widgets such as; like, comment&reply, rating, upvote, follow&unfollow, bookmark etc.

Also, Bible will get updates on each period. Our new update contains Story feature as a widget! For more information you can check template page or videos.

PS: If you want to make progress on Bubble, I strongly recommend to examine these two free products.

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