How To Develop a Social Media App?

So, the title sum this up.
Looking for additional info for creating social network related app, with adding some blockchain in da future.

@captainbloododyssey - perhaps check out the list of templates, there may be one that’s a good starting point for you. @levon has (at least) one that may meet your needs

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Getcha blockchain on, son!

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Oh man. That depends on the whole universe of posible you left out.
I would recommend this guide to start with

Here is a tutorial:

I believe, you’ve got enough info as for the technical part of building the app.
Here is some trends, tips and tricks which, I bet, will be useful after you’ve been positive about tech implementation

@ladebug007 This post is 2 years old.

Evidently it hasn’t been actual for the author to find the social media app solution now.

Still it might be actual for those who google same question. This is the reason why such priceless communities like Stackoverflow one exist: people want to find the solutions to the problems other people faced before!

Besides, the startup might be “on hold” (like mine now), and some useful tips might inspire the next pivot of the product.

Hey there,

Bubble has a “How To” series and one includes how to build an Instagram Clone. This might be something you’re looking for?