I have built my app. Now what?


I am confident in saying that I now have as close to a completed alpha version of my app as my current abilities allow. I’ve been building the app and the concept around the company for a few years now and this version is the best that I can do.

I’m itching to launch small test where I invite random people to test out the app and give feedback so that I can begin further developing the app. But I’m wondering is that the correct next step or are there other things I should have in place before I begin inviting strangers to test the app?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I have limited information on your goals but whatever you decide, it should include identifying an audience who is willing to pay for what you have built and getting the product in front of them as soon as possible.

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Thank you Mayvik

Yes, that is what I want to do. I guess I’m just nervous about rushing to this step if there are other things I should have done before. But if that is the next step I should be taking then I guess that is the next step.

My immediate goal is to just have people test the app and provide feedback on the overall look and feel. I will not be offering real services or charging anyone anything at this stage. Just more of a “Hey, check this out, do you like the color, the name, what would you want to see improved? Is this something you’d like more of?” etc.

Congratulations on building your alpha @randreas !

Now comes the hard part.

You really should have figured out who your customer was while building and build the app as a solution for them, but as you have already built it you’ll need to start identifying your ideal customer profile. What do they do, what problems can you solve, what do they look/act like etc.

Start collecting early feedback and track it all (try www.productflare.com for that) so you can prioritise what to build next.

Keep iterating and improving until you find product market fit.

Don’t spend any money on marketing (just use cold email, I recommend www.apollo.io for that) otherwise you’ll spend loads of money and not get anywhere.

Start off with that and see how you go.

Does that help?


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Yes! That helps! I forgot to mention that I did research on my target audience before. Well throughout the development.

I’m building a two market platform the connects personal technology owners with freelance technology professionals in their city for better, faster and affordable on demand tech support delivered straight to them and at the push of a few buttons. Its like Uber and Lyft but for tech support.

So the app was built with those two types of users in mind. I have the research to back why I wanted to build something like this, (People hate Geek Squad and skilled IT professionals are not paid what they’re worth), and I’ve formulated the pitch.

So I guess based on your reply and Mayvik’s reply, I just need to get it in front of people for them to test now.

Thanks for the tips guys. I will be sharing the app in the forum soon. I’d love if you put the app through the ringer and gave me some feedback when the time comes.