How do you market your app? Marketing strategy

Hello fellow bubblers. I’m about 75% of the way through building my app and my mind is turning to marketing during the test and live phases.

I had a search on the forum but couldn’t find any posts related to this subject (other than one marked as spam).

I’m wondering if anyone had any insights into the best way of targeting an app audience and how to get people to use the app.

For the last month I’ve been doing weekly preview / sneak peak posts on Facebook and have picked up around 200 targeted followers and just over 300 on my Mailchimp landing page (trying to collar early adopters by giving them “early access”).

As mentioned, this is my first app so I’m aware that I have a shortfall when it comes to getting people to sign up (and retaining these people). Side note: it’s free to sign up and browse. My main worry is that anyone signing up right now (or even simply viewing the platform), will notice that there are currently no other people signed up. In my book, that feels like a major trust issue. So, what is your strategy to get around this hurdle?

Looking forward to hearing feedback :blush:

I’d love to hear some creative answers to this too, because as of now I’ve given up on trying to build any “social” apps that require a large initial user base to work. With a large initial investment I could see it working, spend a ton on outreach and ads to get the first thousand users. Otherwise, maybe start really small and specific like Facebook at a single college campus and grow from there?

I would recommend doing a beta with your followers and restricting access to this group only. After the initial feedback round, you could make any necessary changes and release your app to the public.

You can hire a marketing intern at to reach out to influencers offering them to promote your app on their blog.


@deliriousmiles that’s not a bad idea, especially as I forgot to give any details about my app. It’s a temporary dayworker platform to find nearby talent matching a skillset. I could target a specific region or country and start from there I guess.

@nocodeventure I had seen that website in a different forum post but never checked it out. The feedback on trust pilot seems positive. Have you used that service before?

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