I heard that somebody made an Airbnb clone


I heard that somebody made an Airbnb clone on Quora .

Does anyone know where I can find it?


I made a course on how to clone AirBnb with Bubble :slight_smile: See New Video Course: Build a marketplace app like AirBnb with Bubble


Thanks brentsum. I know this might come across as blunt and maybe even out of place but as this is the internet I want to express one of my beliefs.

Why do you charge $49 per month?

It should be FREE. Knowledge that benefits the community should be accessible to everyone whether they have $49 a month or not.

You should charge money if:

  • you NEED it to produce more value. In your case, the tutorials are made already, whether I donate $49 to you or not, its already there.
  • there IS an upkeep cost. In your case, you can host the videos free on Youtube.
  • you NEED the money to live.

In my humble opinion and based on my research about you, your job, what you do, neither of the above are you. You can produce value without charging so much money, you don’t need to have an upkeep cost and you don’t need money to live.

Lets face it, you’re not going to “get rich” or make a lot of money charging people $49 per month for bubble tutorials. IMO, you’re just adding a barrier for us trying to learn bubble which isn’t in the spirit of the Internet.

Incase anybody says, “well bubble charges monthly costs”, they can do that because they have server and development costs and $19 a month for A HELL OF ALOT OF VALUE.

Luckily, I live in the first world and I have a good job, I can afford the $49 for your course but I won’t pay you. Infact, I need to thank you. This isn’t a rant although it might sound like one but its people like you that motivate people like me to work harder, learn bubble faster and then churn out brilliant tutorials for free.

Free courses are coming :slight_smile: The paid courses are what will make them possible.


Please do let us know when it happens. Hopefully I would have created some tutorials myself by then.

You make a good point, but we are all trying to make a living. The funny thing is we don’t spend money for others to make and others don’t spend money for us to make. Business is a cycle, when value isn’t being created money doesn’t flow and when money doesn’t flow people aren’t motivated to create value.

Its like a hostage situation, someone won’t let the money go until another lets the value go and the other says the same. This is the problem my startup is trying to fix.



@brentsum has put together an awesome video course & LIVE help to learn bubble efficiently and effectively. If you’re a person who wants to learn how to make web apps that solve real world problems, and how to do so with Bubble, then I highly recommend him. If you’re a person who like tinkering, and figuring out the “console”, then by all means, do so. I admire you! and BTW, I vote for Bernie, so technically I’m a socialist and love free education! :wink:

*** Rant Version ***

I really take offense to this. I admire your argument, but knowledge should never be free. Why? First, because it’s not honored by the vast majority of people who are attempting to learn. Secondly, because, regardless of what you think @kfhwdd , @brentsum does have cost (i.e. at minimum, time), and thirdly, my most important point: Value! I’ve been though 6 lessons of his, and he indeed produces immense value. For instance, I attempted an app 2 months ago using Bubble’s (btw, awesome, but basic help lessons), and I crashed, and went to WordPress to solve it, although I knew WP would not sustain what I needed.

Two months later, I’m back on Bubble, searching for solutions, etc, and come across @brentsum post. In a day, I’ve gone along with the videos, making an AirBnB clone, but more importantly, I’ve taken his instruction and started making the app I attempted two months ago, with greater success and, THIS IS HUGE, understanding of how dynamik web apps work in general, and how to create them in Bubble. @brentsum has the innate talent to break down complex ideas of app creation into understanding. To me, that is priceless. And, talent should always be rewarded.

VALUE. What is it worth to you to make an app that YOU want to create to solve a problem. To me? $49 (less with discount) is worth it! To other’s, maybe not so much.

Now, I will agree that $49 is a little much for most courses, but I can attest that I’m happy to pay, and if @brentsum continues to give concise and insightful videos and LIVE help to people to master Bubble, then I will gladly pay that each month.

$49 is a small price to pay to learn to build an app that brings me $5,000 a month right now on a shitty WP platform that I know will not be able to scale.

But, what irritates me most about your “opinion,” @kfhwdd, is this:

In my humble opinion and based on my research about you, your job, what you do, neither of the above are you. You can produce value without charging so much money, you don’t need to have an upkeep cost and you don’t need money to live.

Why in the hell should that matter? He provides a valuable service, and there are people who want that service.

@kfhwdd, I hope that you want to make an app that solves a problem in the world. And I hope you will cover the cost of that valuable app with charging people. And I really hope you value yourself @kfhwdd enough that you pay yourself for your brilliance. However, if you want to solve a real world problem and don’t want to pay to learn, and it will make a difference to society, then I think @brentsum is the type of person who would help you accomplish that. I just get that sense.

Finally, there is a huge amount of open source software, and a huge amount of open source learning on that software. But guess what, the majority of entrepreneurs don’t want to or aren’t going to learn software development, and the majority of open source learning on open source software is shite. So, if you’re a programmer, then Bubble should be no problem, but if you’re an entrepreneur who want to launch an app, then what’s wrong with investing in learning quickly?

Now, THIS IS A RANT! :smile:

Be well,

Lane Watson


An observation I made:

Some people want bubble to be really easy to use, some people want bubble to be easy enough to use but not easy enough that everyone can use it.

The people that want the barriers want to monetise bubble’s existent through tutorials/lessons or by developing apps for people on bubble.

This is where the friction and conflict of interest is. People who have learnt bubble don’t neccesarily want to pass on the knowledge because they think they can monetise it.

I think its OK to charge people and develop apps for them, thats what traditional software dev houses do. I don’t think its very okay to monetise knowledge of how to use bubble. That would be like someone charging me to tell me some syntax or someone charging me to use stackoverflow.

For those who try to monetise learning bubble, there’s no future in that (from a business point of view) and heres why. You can do a search on Google or Youtube and pretty much learn any programming language for free or use Coursera/Edx. The more successful bubble becomes the more free resources are going to pop up.

I think the idea is good to provide training But I don’t agree with the amount, especially for people living outside the USA. For me it will cost me R727.00 a month and R282.00 for Bubble. A 1000 bucks a month.

Perhaps this would be a prudent time to heed your own advice and learn Bubble. There is nothing stopping you from reading the reference. Everyone on the forum is more than willing to help if you have questions.

@brentsum created a course on using Bubble to replicate Airbnb. He is adding value to the community. It is up to you whether to outlay 49 dollars to purchase the information he is offering - intellectual property which he created, and therefore owns. Why would he be under any obligation to provide this to you for free? What you’re saying is a bit oxymoronic.


I never said he needs to do anything. I just said that in principle charging $49 per month for the Airbnb clone is not right IMO.

Its not oxymoronic, wait till you see my tutorial on how to clone Airbnb. I’ve given myself a month deadline to make this basic tutorial and it will happen. This way no one after me will incur this same problem.

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I can think of several companies (Lynda.com, PluralSight, Code School) that would like to have a chat about whether or not there’s a future in monetizing learning information. Part of the value that people pay for is the guided learning path, the experience of the whole thing getting put together. The other bit of value, and one that a lot of my clients pay me for, is having all the information accessible in one place. In a sense, @brentsum is monetizing his brain, which you may call consulting. Someone who owns a small coffee shop and wants to set up an inventory management app isn’t likely to be the type of person to spend hours searching for resources, they would rather pay a few bucks to have everything laid out for them. It’s a valid market, and it’s a service people are willing to pay for.

Personally, I make money because people know how powerful and easy Bubble can be, but they don’t have the time or desire to build their thing initially, so the free content is critical for me to be able to say, “Hey, look how easy this will be to maintain after I build it.” I hope you make your free tutorial, and it’s solid. I hope the time you spend making the tutorial doesn’t distract you from using Bubble to build your business/app, and I hope you can prioritize keeping the video updated as Bubble changes. I also hope Codefree.co generates enough money for @brentsum to keep pushing premium content. It’s not a one-or-the-other market, which is such a great thing for everybody.


I didn’t expected the “it should be free” army would be here… buying something from someone is not a zero-sum game, it’s called “trade” for a reason.



I’ve been programming for over 35 years. I’ve paid for training all my life.


I was going to post a long rant echoing @anon79896501 and adding a few more points but I suspect it may be lost on the target audience.

You actually answered your own question

Why do you charge $49 per month?

Incase anybody says, “well bubble charges monthly costs”, they can do that because they have server and development costs and $19 a month for A HELL OF ALOT OF VALUE.

@brentsum has a “server” that he hosts his tutorials on - from what I can tell he pays hosting for his main domain codefree.co and he pays for bubble.is for go.codefree.co .

@brentsum has “development costs” - perhaps you think development costs are only for code development? Everything has development costs… developing a course outline, developing the tutorials, developing the website to package the courses, developing, developing, developing. Additionally, the $49/month includes a new course every month.

@brentsum provides “A HELL OF A LOT OF VALUE” - honestly, I played with Bubble for a couple of weeks and it was great. I subscribed to his tutorials and learned more going through them than I thought possible. I consider this A HELL OF A LOT A VALUE because I value my time a hell of a lot. Going through the courses has undoubtedly saved me 50+ hours of playing around to find stuff out. So yeah, that price is well worth it. At some point the ROI may not be worth it, but for now it certainly is.

The thing to remember is that VALUE is relative.

If this training HELL OF A LOT OF VALUE is not worth it to you, then just move on. I imagine some people don’t see the HELL OF A LOT OF VALUE of Bubble itself while you consider it pretty valuable for the price. I can’t imagine them coming on this board and saying it should be free.

As for the rest of the things I disagree with, please re-read the @anon79896501 post.


I understand your point of view thanks for answering. I also understand that as you have paid him for his tutorials, it is slightly biased because of confirmation bias.


  • Server cost for tutorials can be replaced by Youtube
  • Development cost is valid but if he was learning himself, he could have recorded that. Admittedly extra effort needs to be put in to tidy it up

As expected “… but I suspect it may be lost on the target audience.” Your points, while all true, are not entirely relevant.

Perhaps my POV is slightly biased because of confirmation bias, but even if I didn’t find any value in the tutorials, I would be here questioning your post. The fact that I enjoyed the videos doesn’t mean that @brentsum doesn’t have server costs and development costs… simply that I did not find value in his offer. There are thousands of services that I don’t find value in — but I don’t go and ask them to offer their service for free.

@brentsum offers what he offers and you can either purchase it or not. Why do you feel the need to suggest lower costs alternative so he can provide this to you for free? Perhaps he doesn’t want to use Youtube because there is more control, less ads, less noise when he presents the tutorials in his controlled environment. That’s up to him.

And Youtube doesn’t cover the website costs associated with his codefree.co project. Maybe he can find a less reliable free hosting provider for that? Why not suggest that Bubble goes and find some free and low cost alternatives to their servers? Then perhaps you can get Bubble for free.

As for the “he could have recorded the videos while he was learning” theory. That’s not what happened here. These are polished and refined. Plenty of development time went into these videos. Plenty. Maybe @brentsum didn’t convey that properly to you on his site, but that’s the impression I got before paying and I was not disappointed.

FTR there are plenty of tutorials for Bubble on Youtube. Go watch them. They’re free. That approach is a little too chaotic for me. While I find those tutorials are individually effective, you won’t find too many “start-to-finish” courses like this one. Granted, you can find other technologies where there are “start-to-finish” tutorials such as MySQL and PHP, but those target markets are huge and the tutorial authors (generally) generate revenue from the advertising.

Look, I’m not trying to suggest you find value in the tutorial. If you don’t then you don’t. I think @brentsum is probably over it :slight_smile:

I just want to discuss that just because you (or I) don’t find value in something, then “it should be free.” I don’t believe it should be. Value is relative. And if you can’t find value in any particular service (which is not a fault or criticism) then simply don’t purchase it.

Thanks for listening.

Please prove the above! I’m struggling to find any (excluding official ones by the admins themselves).

Maybe I’m using the wrong search terms?

Please prove the above! I’m struggling to find any (excluding official ones by the admins themselves).

Fair enough. After searching for ten minutes I could only find two useful tutorials on Bubble on Youtube.

When I originally searched for tutorials on Bubble.is, I saw plenty of results but it appears some of these were for Project Bubble and others for Bubble programming algorithms.

How to create an awesome Todo web app with Material Design using Bubble.is
Bubble.is User Functionality Tutorial

But this is the exact chaos on YouTube that I was complaining about. Specifically I said “you won’t find too many “start-to-finish” courses like this one”. I think this fact probably ends up making @brentsum tutorials even more valuable.

In light of the fact that really good Bubble tutorials are rare, I think @brentsum should charge more :slight_smile: (JK).

All of that aside, the point of my post was not Bubble tutorials on YouTube. I stand behind my assertion that Value is relative and just because you (or I) don’t find value in something, then “it should be free.” If you can’t find value in any particular service (which is not a fault or criticism) then simply don’t purchase it.

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Wait 3 weeks and you ll see an amazing Airbnb tutorial on YOUTUBE.


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How’s the tutorial coming along?