I lost my project

good morning
i need a help, please
i lost my project
I disassociated my email by acceptor and no longer shows my project in my case, when lit, the shortcut says I don’t have permission

Could you detail the issues on your app, As “Project” is something beyond the scope…??

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You need to do a Bubble Support ticket. The forum community can’t help much with this issue.

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I opened it yesterday … waiting for an answer yet.

Raise support on urgent basis, Remember!!! collaboration is not available on hobby plans, You will be risking, if you open your app to world

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Yes, I decided to remove OpenBuilder because it didn’t help me and I had this risk, but I removed the admin email by accident … sad

Hmm :thinking: how did this happen? I don’t have the ability to remove my own email from an app… possibly a bug?

I created set assigned as administrator

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