I need a plugin developer

I’m looking a developer for a custom plugin.

I need to create a variables system like this


Collect information about your users, segment them, personalize conversations, set up fallbacks, and do more with user attributes

Basically is a dynamic data setting with {{my_variable}} and this data is render in the output of the app
these texts will be used to create chat bot scripts.
For example, your users will create a text: “What’s your phone number?”. The answer will be stored as the phone_number variable and can be reused after, for example: “Your phone number is {{phone_number}}”.

*The plugin should be work with input elements using ID
*when the user start typing with { will show a dropdown with the variables list
*the variables sould be have colors for each type
*the variables have 2 types custom for users and system variables

Hello @yorgio1024.

I know I am no good help. I just want to send good wishes your way and I hope you can find someone. Again, best of luck to you!

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Hey there @yorgio1024,

You can actually do this statically. You can define certain substitution variable into your app, for example {{{ First_Name }}} displays the user’s first name.

You can go about setting this up by using the :find and replace operator where it finds {{{ First_Name }}} and replaces it with the Current User’s First Name or if you’re making a CRM a Lead’s First Name, etc.

Hope this helps :blush:

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But i need allow to my users create his own variables and save his data and when the user start typing with { show a list with the variables