Let users add dynamic variables

Is there a plugin to let our users add dynamic variables?

I’m building a postcard service for a client. It’d be nice if his users could add something like:

Hello <firstName>,

Saw you're working at <company>... etc

Anyone an idea how we can achieve this?


I have a plugin for this kind of use that is currently not public.
The plugin take a list of tags and a list of values to replace tag with values.
If this is something you would like to test, send me a PM and we can try if this work for your case

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Hi @Jici, thanks for your message. I’d be happy to give this plugin a shot! :smiley:

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Hi Jici, interested too

Send me a PM message too :wink:

I actually just found a solution to this. :sweat_smile:

You can have for example a table of content that says one can use {firstName}, {lastName} etc. Then we would use the :find&replace expression.

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Find & replace function will work fine if you have “static” fields/var. But if user can create new var, and unlimted # of var, you may face some limitations using this.

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Oi, seu plugin já está em funcionamento?