I need an Image & Video slider that can display dynamic data - Can it be done?

Hi all, I need an Image & Video slider that can display dynamic data. It sounds simple but I can’t find one as a plugin or build one myself and it’s a huge part of a project I’m working on. Put simply it needs to function the same way Instagram does where a user creates a post (This is already built) and when posted it can display files that are .jpg, .gif, .png, . MP4, .wav, and other vide files types.

I’m aware that there is a plugin that does this but it only does it with preset images and videos and I’m looking for one that can handle dynamic data.

Hit me up if you have something or you think you can do it

Hi @calum.work2,

Surely I can help you,
I have sent you PM with details please check


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This plugin does dynamic data as far as I can tell looking at the example editor

Thanks, @boston85719 unfortunately while it can take dynamic (ish) data from the database it has to know what type each slide is so you have to choose in the editor Slide1: Type = Video OR Image but it won’t dynamically know if it’s an image or video file which means you have to know what order the images and videos are in the list to be able to display them. I put this post up after speaking to the creator of that plugin who said they had noted it but couldn’t give a timeline for when you could display fully dynamic data.


what did you use to record video? I am doing something similar