File Uploader - Video

Hi there,
I would like to upload a video with the plug in File Uploader. Once the video is uploaded I would like to have the possibility to select an image from the video in order to use this image as a dynamic image when I will display the video uploaded to the users.

How can I do that ?
I am very new to bubble and your help would be very appreciated.



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Yo, wassup Anthony,

Welcome aboard man! Apologies, as I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m interested in the same thing!
Build well and happy Bubblin!



Hey! I’m looking for the same solution on this one. Discovered FFMpeg but it looks like it’s a bit over my head on how I’d implement it.

Looks like you’d have to host it somewhere other than Bubble and then use an API to use it.

Still researching.

I am also researching for the same, Are you able to achieve the task ?

I ended up using Cloudinary which is essentially a hosting service for photos and videos which can be accessed via API. They allow you to generate thumbnails.

It took a bit to set up because I had to create a server-side workflow that ran some code for signatures. There may be a simpler solution but it would mean having publicly accessible images and videos.