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I am creating a form as shown in screenshot number 1.
In the beginning, I created the questions in RG (text fields) and the answers in dropdown lists and input fields. Then I wanted to store all the information in the database (the question with the answers). I noticed that the text box which I already entered are stored in the database in a ligne different to the line of the answers which were entered by the user because the questions were created by the app admin and the answer by the user (see the two yellow line in the screenshot 2). Therefore, I thought to insert the questions in disabled input fields with a default value to be able to store it with the answers so I can get in the same line the question and then the answer (see the pink line 2). I would like to ask if my thought is correct or it should be done differently.
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To do what you want you simply need to assign everything to the same instance of your class “Test 1”.

First, start giving names to your classes that are more comprehensible with what you’re trying to achieve. With names like “Test 1” and fields written in german it will be difficult to understand what you are exactly trying to do. Give the context of your problem so the community can help.

I tried to put in the excel sheet an example of what I want to create and what I want to see in the database.
In fact, the user will see several pages. Each page contains a table with numerous questions to which he need to answer. In the end, he will submit the file and all his answer need to be saved in the database. My question is what is the type of container that I need to use for the column of the question that I will enter them by myself knowing that in the database I would like to see the questions and in front of them the answers as shown in the screenshot.
My second question is when moving from a page to another the user is losing his answer. What should I do to maintain his answers?
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Ok, my quick tip would be to create something like a Class called Prompt (whatever the name here…). This Class will have 2 fields: Question and Answer. Question could be a class, with at least 1 field as text. Call this field as you want. Then Answer can be a simple text.

You will need to instance all the questions you have.

Then in the User class you create a field called Prompts, of the type List of Prompts. Now you can store as many pairs of Questions and Answers you want to each user.

Now you will have to go to the basics of how to create your Questions

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