I need help with my database structure

Hello everyone, I am new to Bubble. I started using Bubble 3 days ago. I have a quick question please.

I have a database (see picture)
My question is:

Is the Iphone mapped to the price of $200, Samsung to $100, and Huawei to $100? Is it efficient to have a database like this or I should create a separate database for the products? If I want to retrieve all products from the database with their corresponding prices how can I achieve that?

Thank you.

Hey @bosunjohnson

I’d definitely create a new data type called ‘Phone’ or something similar as this will give you a lot more freedom later on, especially for scaling and management of data. You can then add a new single field in your ‘Users’ data type as the object ‘Phones’ and can be a list or singular entry if you wish, depending on the logistics of how your app works.

To retrieve all products (or phones in this case) simply use a repeating group and ‘Do a search for’ select the data content/type as ‘Phones’, you can then add any constraints or sorting as required.

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