I Need More Variables For Sendgrid

How can you add more variables to a SENDGRID email using Bubble?

I need about 30 variables sent, not just 10… ?

I dont use sendgrid and in not sure what your doing with the result but you could try just using one variable and use a regex pattern to grab them. Maybe have the first param as sendgrid=true then put the others in the second, then use a &wildcard& and &wildcard regex pattern. Then if sendgrid=true extract with regex. Sendgrid may well deal with this issue like i said i dont use it but that may get you out of trouble if not.

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Hey @JustinC,

The Send emails with SendGrid plugin has support for 40 variables plus unlimited custom arguments. :slight_smile:

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There you go @JustinC, the old regex can be set aside until variable 41 :wink:

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