Send Grid Email

I am setting up SendGrid to send emails since the current default version has a limit of 50 emails a day. I added my SendGrid API key and template ID in the bubble settings.

Will I now be able to send emails like normal and have them send them through Sendgrid? Or do I need to set up my workflows, password resets, etc. specifically with SendGrid?

It will default run through sendgrid :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! So with this can I just use the “Send Email” action or will I need to change any emails I have to use the “Send Grid - Send Email”?

If you’re getting that action then you probably installed a sendgrid plugin?

If you put your sendgrid API key in the general bubble app settings, then the normal send email will be using that key. If you’re adding a plugin you can use that too, but you would need to also add the api key in the plugin settings too