I need some basic help

I have been trying for a couple of days to do something which I presume is very simple, which is display some data and change some data, but can I get it too work… No.

I have attached an image of a repeating group with some data in it. On the right had side are 2 fields Barcode and Quantiry. I want to be able to type a barcode in and hit DISPLAY and it retrieves the database value. When I hit CHANGEit accumulates the value in the database “quantity” to the input quantity.

Any pointers would really help

You are using inputs to display data which makes it a little more complex as they are inputs as well as text ‘outputs’.

it would make more sense to display the qty in a text box.

Display Qty button - trigger Workflow - Display data - do a search for Barcode- Barcode’s number = Input Barcodes value

Change qty button - trigger workflow - Make a change to items Quantity = InputQuantity’s value.

on the Change qty button I would set it to is visible only if Input Barcode is no empty. Also add some validation for more than one barcodes entry.

It would almost be quicker to just do it for you, but then you will not learn and grow :wink: