Update Database


my goal is to modify the current database so what i did is

  1. i created first a page where you can input data

  2. i created another page to show the results of the data that was created using repeatinggroup and a text see image below

here’s the preview

  1. now i created a pencil icon so when they click that it will modify the current row i tried to set the workflow to make change to thing but it seems not working…

im guessing i need to show or display the data first where i can edit it then add a save button

the problem is i don’t know how?

can you please help me with this?

Thanks A lot

Hey Buddy :smiley:
On that third picture (make changes to a thing), there’s stuff missin (ain’t that always the way amirite?)

two basic ways to fix this my friend:

  1. (simple way… This is a fundamental bubble skill, so get yer lernin hat on!)

For example, you said you want to enable changes to be made to your data. Look in that third picture. You listed 'Date = ’ … it’s followed by a ‘Click’ button. Bro, you have to tell the program WHAT you want to change that Date field to. Do you want to change it to the date input? All of the fields (eg funds, location, name) that you want to change, you need to set up those channels to the data base. In that third pic… see that ‘+ change another field’? Click it and set up all the fields (columns in database speak) that you want to change. Make sure you set up WHERE the info is coming from…

eg. Date = Input text field date
Location = Input B

  1. Once you’ve wrapped your head around that concept, check out the autobind function. It’s GOLD baby!

Have a lovely day!



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hmmm… but there’s no Input choices? how can i point it to rows current date based on the database?

can you also look at this

that is a different version on how i will make the results editable

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