I need to switch themes on my app

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I’m new to Bubble and had a question re: theme changes. I purchased a premium theme that was supposed to be fully responsive, but isn’t. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to just work with the design and would like to switch themes on my app. Does anyone know if this is possible or do I need to scrap the existing app and start over with a fresh theme?



Welcome to Bubble!

It depends exactly on what you mean by switch themes.

In general, you could just delete the pages of the Template you do not want to use and create new pages for what you want to use. As a Template in Bubble is not a Theme like you would find in WordPress where the design is automatically carried over to pages and elements. It is pre-set Pages, Elements and Workflows already in an application that you can use or Copy and Paste. Creating a new page in a Bubble application allows you to completely redesign things from the bottom up regardless of other Page Designs in the app.

PS - if this happens to have been one of my Templates, please email detailed information to info[at]wolfertech.com what the responsive issues were and I would be happy to get them corrected

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Thanks Geoff. I’ll give your suggestion on creating a new page a try. Will reach out to you a bit later if I have any issues. Thanks again!


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