How to apply purchased new template to my exisiting app

Hi team,

i have purchased “” (Responsive dashboard UI) template, How can i apply this template to my existing application?

Please assist me.

You can’t apply to an existing app. Sad, right. Why? A template isn’t only one thing, it’s an app. It’s technically impossible to be copied to an existing one. If you want to copy some blocks, you can, but you will received hundreds of error probably. Copying only the design isn’t bad too.

so what is the best way to to apply new template to existing app?

my understanding you need to reapply your workflow and app logic to the template instead of the other way around.

this is too big like regenerating the new app . Any idea’s with quite simple?

The best way, keep your existing app, and try to understand well the template, than re-create it after. It’s harder to use people way of code than our own code.


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Hey, that’s my template. I’ve just pushed an update to make it easier for you to copy over the template elements and pages to your existing app. Bubble doesn’t make it very easy for you, but I’ve baked in styles and removed dependencies on data types so you can cleanly copy over the pages to your app.
Please create a new app using the template and check the instructions page. Hopefully that should make things easier for you.


thank you so much :slight_smile:

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