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I need to upload and retrieve videos to vimeo

Hi Everyone!

I need my users to upload videos and then display them on their profile (like instagram) and I was planning on using Vimeo as the video player since it looks the nicest.

I’ve figured out how to upload a video to my database and then use the video URL to upload to my Vimeo but I can’t figure out how to retrieve the Vimeo video to the users post.

I hope this makes sense.

Can anyone help?

Once the video is uploaded to Vimeo you just need to use the Vimeo Video ID in a Video element to display the video.

So you’ll want to create a Video datatype in your Bubble database (if you haven’t already) and store the Vimeo video ID in there (or you could just store it on the Post datatype). Then simply refer the the database item in the Video player.

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Okay thanks! But how do I retrieve the Vimeo Video ID?

You can get that in the response of the API call you used to upload the video to Vimeo.

The API call should return various data about the uploaded video, including the video ID, so when you create your Video datatype entry you can refer to the API response’s Video ID.

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Don’t suppose you know how to integrate Vimeo Live Streams in the same way do you? Thanks