I want to add chat functionality in my app. Can someone help me?

Hey I want to add chat functionality in my app where user can send message to the service provider and they can have a conversation.
Please help me

Essentially what you are going to want to do is create a data type ā€˜Conversationā€™ that has ā€˜Participantsā€™ (Users). Then create a data type ā€˜Messagesā€™.

Next create a page with the data type of the page being ā€˜Conversationā€™. Say you put an input on this page, when a user types in the input and clicks a button, it will create a new ā€˜Messageā€™ and add this message to the pages ā€˜Conversationā€™

Then display the messages in a repeating group.

Thats the super basic outline but I hope it helps!

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@23cubed I will try your idea.

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@jangidrahul0494 hereā€™s a few resources

You could also try to incorporate notifications

Thank you @ntabs for these resources.
I will definitely go through these resources.

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