How to get chat messages to display

Hello, I’ve currently got a chat room with 2 users in it. I’m trying to get chat messages to display. I’ve got a repeating group and an input area (for messages). What should I put for the options in the picture? I’m not sure what data to send.

Thank you!

You need to create a ChatMessage Data Type for your messages. It should have a Text field to store the text message.

When the user enter the message in the input and send the message, you create a ChatMessage with that text.

The Rg will have the ChatMessage Data Type as Type of content.

This is the basic setup. For a complete setup you’ll need a Thread Data Type to store the chat Users, the thread ChatMessages and all the additional data you want.

Okay, so does this sound right?

  1. I created a database called “Chat Room” where I have Chat Messages (of type list of messages) and Chat Users (of type list of users).
  2. I send the two users into the chat room
  3. I made the chat room page type of type “Chat Room”
  4. I have a repeating group with a type content of Message and a data source of “Current Page Chat Room’s Chat Messages”
  5. I’ve got a send button next to my input area (input meaning where the users type a message).
  6. And then this is my workflow for when the send button is clicked:
    STEP 1:


Also, I don’t know how to test to see if this works. How can I do this?

Log in in the app as a user in one browser and as another user in another browser and try to have a chat.

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