I want to bulk delete data , but I am not familiar with Recursive APIs

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How’s it going? I need help trying to figure out something. I would like to bulk delete a data type I have on my app called “IPU list of products” and I want to use the bulk delete option, as I want to re-upload an updated version before i launch. the manual delete is frustrating, as anytime I pick over 100 items, there’s a fairly good chance of an error coming up with it, so it’s frustrating, as I had started with 33k entries and I am just down to 27k.

Now I have read about something called setting up a recursive API call, but in all honesty, I do not know what this means, I tried to follow some examples of people using it to do other things but it did not seem to work for me, as I kept getting an error.

If I wanted to do it the recursive API way , what do i fill in for the following dialog boxes to ensure I do not get an error and to make it go smoothly?

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I would appreciate any help towards this.

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Doing this recursively, you will need a Delete thing action instead of the Make change to list of things. It will loop through each record one by one.

Technically you could pass a list of 50 or 100 through at a time but one by one will for sure get done, even if it takes a while to delete 27,000 records.

So, on your end point, name the key something like IPU and set the Type to IPU List of Products.

Make your first workflow step be a Delete Thing action and the thing you will delete is IPU.

Now to make this recursive, you need to reschedule the delete_ipu_files end point. So after the Delete thing step, add a Schedule API Workflow


Here’s an example of a workflow I have in an app that deletes email records that are empty. You want to set up your Schedule API Workflow the same way as follows

  • API Workflow: delete_ipu_files
  • Scheduled date: Current date/time (tells it to run right away)
  • IPU: Search for IPU List of Products:first item (this will grab the first item it finds and pass it through to the delete_ipu_files endpoint)
  • Only when: Search for IPU List of Products:count>0 (this tells bubble that as long as there are still records in the IPU List of Products table, keep rescheduling the workflow. As soon as there are no records left, i.e. the search is not greater than 0, it will stop)


Trigger the workflow initially with the same Schedule API Workflow logic. Hopefully that’s not too confusing.


Hi Eli,

Thank you so much . I am going to try it out now . I see you like red wine . If you are ever in Ireland , your first few glasses of red wine will be on me! Thank you . I’m going to give it a go now .

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Good luck! And I’ll take you up on that offer :smiley:

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