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Mass delete entries from data type

Hi Bubblers,

I want to delete 9000 entries in one of my data types, but i can only delete a few at a time, and it takes very long.
Is there any way to speed up the deletion process or select all 9000 entries at once?

I am willing to pay for plugins or any custom coding. Thanks!

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No quick way yet, unfortunately.

The most efficient option is to create an API workflow with the delete block and ruin it over the table/view you need cleaned up via Bulk function in your App Data tab.

As the limit of time for a workflow is 5 minutes, you must have a bunch of them. You can also create a field ‘deleted’ and ignoring them (schedule list). You found the way or still erasing by hand? :slight_smile:

Any new solutions to this?

I have to delete around 1500 records and I can’t do it through the App Data tab Bulk function because I have to use constraints (ex. delete all records with x characteristic).

Send that list of Things to List Popper and do a recursive workflow over them.

(It’ll take about a second-ish per item.)

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Hi man! I think I found a solution.

The constraint for the deletion was for the items to contain the word “copia”.

I typed “copia” into the search box filter in the App data tab so it filtered the things that I needed to delete.

Then I clicked on “Load 50 more items” many times, until the page showed the 1000+ items.

I selected all the visible items and clicked on the Delete button.

It showed me an error after a while but it is still deleting, so I guess it is working. Even if I turn my computer off it keeps deleting.

If for any reason this stops deleting, I’ll definitely try that plugin.

Thanks a lot!

Just wanted to leave here a workaround that I found for this. Check it out here: