I want to create a dive log

It has to be able to save and store all this information and obviously the user has to have access to it. I was thinking that pressing the save button and then exporting it as a pdf? Any ideas are welcome. Really need help on this one.

It’s definitely possible and actually one of the more straightforward use cases with Bubble. Have you ever developed in Bubble before? If not, welcome! Please note that even though it’s no-code that doesn’t mean it’s simple as there is still a steep learning curve and you’ll need to still think like a programmer in terms of figuring out your database structure, and how the whkflpws should function.

I suggest starting out with the free lessons available here: Academy | Bubble

They will give you a really good foundation for how things work in Bubble, how to approach your database design, etc. Once you start building on your own is when it’s really going to click, but if you’re like me you’ll always be learning new and more efficient ways of doing something.

As a fellow diver I’m excited to see what you create!