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I want to display all the members of list to one text field

How can I do this?

I need help…

Members’s List of User’s Name ?
so you should get a list of names separated by commas


I have some custom data, and User has list of the data.

So I want to display this all data of list on a text field.


Sorry I don’t understand.
Can you reproduce it on the public app forum ? much easier to give an help

Sorry I don’t know well DB query

It’s like for loop

Custom data : Vocabulary ( word, mean )

User has Vocabularies ( Vocabulary list )
{ “word1”, “mean1” }, { “word2”, “mean2” }, …

I want to make this user’s vocabulary list to one string like
"word1 : mean1, word2 : mean2 … "

and display this string to Text Box.

If you don’t understand. I reproduce it on the public app forum.


ok, you can’t do this. sorry for you. Bubble does not support parenthesis (yet)

I wanted also to display a text list of Users with User1’s Surname & Last Name, User2’s Surname & Last Name, etc
but you can’t.
So I created a third field text with “Surname + Last Name”.