Show multiple fields of item in one part of list

Should be really simple but on no sleep I’m struggling and can’t seem to find any other posts in the forum.

I have a list of users to display, in each “item” of the list I want to display user’s “Full Name” and user’s “PIN” to get a format like this

John Doe [123], Jane Doe [321]

I can get the full names simply but how can I append another field onto the end of this without treating the PIN as a new field and getting:

John Doe, 123, Jane Doe, 321

Yes, it should be really simple (and it is)…

Just get your list (i.e. do a search for Users), and use ‘formatted as text’ to display your list however you like:

i.e. search for Users; formatted as text

Then for each item use:

This User's Full Name [This User's PIN]

And use a comma and a space as the delimiter.