I want to display different content based on the user type

I have 2 user types. Landlords and Tenants. I want the landlords to have a “Upload Properties” button where they are able to upload their properties, but I do not want this visible for the tenants.

Both properties are working in the database, as I can get it to display the user type, but I do not know how to change visibility based on user type. My instinct was to go “When, Current users, User type” but then from there the user types are not available.

Any ideas?

You can make that button not visible by default, and then place a condition on that button that says ‘When User Type is Landlord’ this button is visible.

None of my user types are available to select. I assume this means that I have a bigger issue.

What is the type of the User Type? Is it a text, or another datathing?

My general advice would be to use an Option Set. Create a ‘role’ option set and use that on your User field.

The user type is Text. But the user selects their user type through a drop down, and that doesn’t allow an allocation of a data type.

I will try the option set way.

You can still get it to work with the text field.

In the dynamic expression you can literally type in ‘tenant’ after the ‘is’ and it will work!

I do still recommend looking into option sets, they’re very powerful.


This is the solution!

It worked, I went with the option sets solution, it is much cleaner. Thanks!