I want to display the date of the scheduled workflow for the current user


I have create a Saas to generate LinkedIn Post.
Monthly, the number of generation come back to 0 with monthly recurring event.
In the user’s profil, i want to show the date of the recurring workflow.

How i can do that ?


Sorry for my bad english…

I have not seen where you can access that information directly.

Possibly you can just add another action in the workflow to save the data in the db.

Hi @yohancalletpro ,
I hope I am understanding your question correctly. You have created a Saas that schedules some posts to be published on Linkedin on behalf of your users using recurring workflows in the backend, and you want to display the date on which these recurring workflows are going to trigger…Am I right?

My app doesn’t schedule post but generate post with AI.
Users have limited number of generations. Every month (depends the date of the sign up) with recurring workflows in backend, the number of generations reset to 0.
I want to display the date on which these recurring workflows are going to trigger. It’s the same idea yes.

Try this:
Create an API workflow in the backend workflow to run as a recursive workflow. This recursive background should go through all your users and if any user has a sign up date+1 month almost equal to the day of running this workflow then reset their monthly generation number back to their plan limit, otherwise skip the user.
Study your app’s log to find out the least consuming resource period of the day. Try to schedule the above API workflow during the least busy period of the day to save the resource consumption.
I hope it helps.

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