I want to modify data of one application by another application

I have two bubble JS, I am able to show listing of the data of one APP into another APP.
But I am not able to modify the data of one application using another application via API calls.

Can you guide me on this?

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Anyone can help me?

You would need to create a an API workflow in your first Bubble App which would expose an API Endpoint that would accept the “id” of the “thing” you want to modify in your first Bubble app. In the API Workflow you could then modify the data(thing)

You would access this API endpoint from your second Bubble App via the Bubble API connector

Okay, thanks for the reply @andrewjohnson56782,

This is the error, I am getting while updating the application on click.

Can you show by any example, how the app will expose an API endpoint that would accept he “id” of the “thing” of my first bubble app?

Its already done but still doesn’t work…

It is still not working.

How can we resolve it?

How can we resolve it? Any idea?