I want to use Bubble to build application for my client

I want to use bubble to build applications for my clients.

Can I do with the free account that I have, if not what are the things that I need to do?

Given that you should probably be familiar with features like backend workflows before working on clients, I’m not sure how you expect to use the free account… Nevertheless, you will probably want to be on the agency plan. This way you can create apps for free and be added to existing apps even if the client’s plan doesn’t allow collaborators.

thank you @georgecollier for your reply.

Even if it is not using a free account, then may I know how I can deploy an app and manage apps for multiple clients. Should I create an app and share them the link or should I ask them to create a bubble account and I start my deployment there?

Up to you, I create the app on agency plan and transfer to client at the end of the project.

But keep in mind that Agency plan costs more than x2 in comparison to Starter plan :slight_smile:

But you can use it for multiple apps (so I pay $85/mo to work on unlimited client apps)

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So can I initially get started off with a starter plan then shift to the agency plan?

Or is it like if I want to develop apps for my clients, then I have to use only the agency plan?

If you use starter plan, you pay $32/mo or whatever it is per app.

If you use agency plan, you pay $85/mo for your account but can have unlimited apps on the agency plan whilst they’re in development. Once live, you’ll need each app on at least the starter plan.