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which price plan should I take if I work as a freelancer?

I have just learned how to use bubble and I am considering to provide freelancer services and I don’t really know which plan best fits the needs of a freelancer.
Can you help me?

free plan


and then how do I give my client access to the app? I mean how does he access to put his domain and launch the web if with the free plan it is not possible.

I think you may take a moment to learn a little bit more Bubble…


Uploading: Screenshot_148.png…

ok, I imagine that the client creates an account where a collaborator can log in and when he shares a link with me I log in from my account and edit his app.

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with a free account can I collaborate in other projects or do I have to have a paid account?

You can collaborate in other people’s apps if they add you and the app is on a paid plan.

@marcosgdel22 I highly recommend you take @Jici’s comment seriously.

You asking this question is a very strong indicator that you haven’t spend enough time with Bubble. Knowing how to move elements around within the editor is good but not enough to be trusted as a “professional”.

I used Bubble and explored this Bubble Forum everyday for 6 months before even thinking about freelancing. And even then, I would say I could have been more prepared.

Good luck!

(And to answer your question, freelancers/agencies should be on an Agency plan.)


You are absolutely right, I consider myself a complete novice. I phrased the question wrong, I meant to say that in the future I could serve as a freelancer and I just didn’t understand how I could provide these services. I have seen some who do it by giving access to their app to editors and others who recommend having an agency account, I guess both are correct. I just wanted to solve that doubt that came to my mind. But I am well aware that I don’t have the necessary knowledge to provide these services. Anyway thank you very much, very good community.


basically the model is:
clients or you create apps.
client puts in their card details and pays for app.
client invites you to edit their app or you use client account to edit app.

hence you do not really have to pay.

you may want to have your own account to test your own workflows. [although many clients of course allow you to test on their app] for this the 130$ a month plan so far had most flexibility as it has 99% of functions. [lesser one just has 90% of them]
If your hourly is 80$ [reachable in 2 years] then this expense is not too bad.

You’ll need the agency plan as a freelancer. To answer your actual question. Signed up as an agency, you have full access to all paid features. Then when you’re done and ready, you can transfer the ownership to your client and you’ll still remain an active dev until they explicitly remove you off of the app. Once your client takes over, they will need to purchase one of the plans listed in the apps plan settings.

Thank you all very much, everything is clear now.

I don’t remember nor did I find a comment of mine here.
You send comments to the wrong person

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Just noticed. My apologies!