I'm Now Open To Freelancing

Hi amazing community,

For the past many months I have been working day and night on building two SaaS platforms built on Bubble, Oiga and SendPilot. (www.oiga.io and www.sendpilot.co)

Oiga is a end to end project management platform and digital asset manager for design agencies, and SendPilot is a social media automation company that uses machine learning to write social media posts for you based on your blog posts.

I am now offer freelance services to bring your idea to life on Bubble, or help you with an existing project.

A few testimonials/feedback pieces I have had on my Bubble work (sorry to blow my own trumpet):

“Phenomenal work. Really well done!”

“Very good design. Very clean, very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

“I took a look at your web app and it’s pretty amazing what you have been able to do on Bubble.”

“Excellent work, some of the best I’ve seen on Bubble”

“Your app looks stunning”

Happy to help full stack on your frontend website and Bubble app, I specialise in Webflow, Bubble, and of course any other standard website builder, plus I can code in frontend web dev.

Happy to help anyone looking for experienced hands.
Message me here or on my personal freelance website https://www.reecelyons.design

Take care,


Hi there,

I’d love to connect and find out more about how you could possibly assist me with a Bubble app I’m working on.

Email: whitneylubin@icloud.com

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Sounds great! I am looking for a freelancer.

Are you able to link to the apps you created?


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Hi Steven, sure thing!


I’d love to have a call and find out about your project

Hi Whitney,

Thanks for reaching out, I have sent an email follow up to you!

Take care,

I am interested in talking with you about building an app lesmore07@yahoo.com

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Curious: Are the homepages/landing pages for those two apps built in bubble as well or just the apps?

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In another thread, he mentions that he used Webflow for the marketing stuff.

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@help I sent you a message via your website contact form. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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Hi, so the homepages/landing pages are built on Webflow (I’m a web designer by trade) and taught myself Bubble so I could build full SaaS companies.

The apps (hosted at app.sendpilot.co and app.getoiga.io are all built on Bubble.

Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

Usually what you’ll see is my design work is actually better on the apps because I spend a huge amount of time designing and perfecting every detail to make it the best it can possibly be, so for a full scope of work feel free to sign up to the apps with the free trial (no Credit card needed) and you can see my Bubble work.

Take care,

Hi Kelly, thanks for that - I’ll get back to you today!

I am interested in talking with you about building an app. Here’s my email: premy.auditio@gmail.com

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Heads up: http://app.getoiga.io/ is giving a site not found error. Might want to give it a quick look.

@help - great stuff Reece!

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Sorry, my mistake you want app.getoiga.com
It was a late night for me!

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Thanks, I have replied over email :slight_smile:


Thanks I have sent you an email

Thanks I have dropped you an email!

I filled out your form on your website. Would love to schedule a call for tomorrow.

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