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Icon to Display when field in database has content


im wanting an icon to display on a page ie a PDF icon

but this icon should only display when a field in the database is populated by a link to a pdf.

any help appreciated.



Hi Juzz!

What you can do is use the conditional settings on the icon to control this. Conditions is basically an if statement that triggers changes in an element’s appearance and visibility.

Look at this example:

  1. Check to see if a database field is not empty (in this example, it checks for a User’s first name, but it could be anything
  2. If the condition is met, the element should be visible/not visible.

Hope that solves it!



i understand what you mean, and can see it, but i cant get an accurate if statement. ie

i can get the field but cant find a empty / not empty condition

any ideas

Right now it looks like you are searching for the Condition in the element itself, while you need to look in the relevant data field.

If you are populating a Repeated Group for example, the assumed correct Condition would be “Current Cell’s X’s PDF-File isn’t empty”, and then setting up the property change (in this case “This element is visible” unchecked).