Icons displaying weird?

Anyone know why icons would display weirdly like this?

This is how they should appear

It doesn’t happen all the time - I’m not sure what causing it. This is in dev and the icons in the debugger also display like this.

Page refresh fixes it but I’m curious as to why it happens.

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Happens to me sometimes too.

Does it happen live?

I haven’t noticed it in live, and I’ve not had any users report it - but I don’t spend a great deal of time in live myself to be honest. So I can’t say definitively one way or the other.

Usually happens when there is custom code on the page in my experience.

I was wondering that - so a plugin could be causing it?

I’m not sure, but I suppose it could be possible.

I’ve never had it happen in a very consistent basis. It is usually something that happens and if I refresh the page the issue is gone.

Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m seeing too - not consistent, page refresh makes it go away.

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