Icons Not Showing Right

Icons are not showing right. Anyone having the same issue?

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This is an intermittent issue for me. Usually refreshing works to fix it. Also, I’ve only seen this bug in the editor and preview, never live

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Refreshing does not work for me. Icons in editor seems fine, but not in live. It started yesterday.

Probably a conflicting library. Did you add any plugins or add a plugin to the page having issues?

Does it affect all your pages in all your apps?

yes it does for entire app. I installed some plugins but not for icons though.

Sounds like he may need to do some testing to figure out if one of those plug-ins causing the issue. That’s the most likely culprit. One way I would double check which plug-ins is the issue is by opening a new app and seeing if an icon is messed up in the new app. If it’s not messed up in the new app and then you go back to the first one having issues and remove plug-ins one by one from the last to the earliest until there’s no more issue and then re-add them one by one to figure out which one or which accommodation causes the issue.

It doesn’t sound like fun and you might just reach out to bubble support as they might come to the solution a little bit quicker

Yow! Thanks man! It’s one of the plugins that I installed which is crazy because it literally does not have to do with icons.

Did you figure it out? I’m interested to know which caused the issue.

It’s a plugin called Air Pull to Refresh, when I put the plugin in the app, it changed the icons in the app and when I removed the plugin, it went back to normal.

If you look at the code for the plugin you’ll notice that it calls for font awesome. That’s likely what’s causing your issue but I can’t be totally sure. I want to try to re-create this plug-in without the issues

Hi! i like using option sets for things with icons, it seems easier as they are attached to another piece of data. So for example its very easy to have wifi (with the icon inserted)

Same thing is happening for me, but I have no plugins at all. All icons just show as a purple circle when I add them to a page. Any thoughts?