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Strange behavior of standard icons

Hi guys,

I´m not sure, that this is really a bug, but it seems really strange to me.

I used the standard-icons from bubble for my web-app - and sometimes the icons change to something like really strange symbols (within the same browser (Chrome), on the same pc(Windows) ). By hitting refresh, the behaviour is solved - but for my understanding, it should not be like this in the first place.

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it regularly, but had the situation on two different windows-pcs.

This is how it should be:

The “stranger” icons:

I hope the screenshots help to understand my issue. Any help is appreciated.

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I doubt you’re the only one this happens to, I see this quite frequently and I don’t know why it happens, maybe loading speeds/timings play a part in it but like you, I do a refresh and things get sorted. Other than that, I’m unsure. These icons maybe coming from a library of some kind, maybe there’s a bug in that or something.

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