ID +1 but with text

Hey guys.

Got an interesting issue.
Need to create a unique number id (simple), which get’s increased by 1 with every new item (simple).
But here is the catch - it can sometimes, when the item related is “split” take forms of 11111A and 11111B. So this means it has to be a text, not a number.
Is there a way to create a trigger that will create a new number (+1) based on the previous data, when they are texts / may contain letters?

If you just utilize the :convert to number it should take out the letters and, well, make it a number you can do math with.

I tested this by setting a custom state to a number containing a letter like this:

All I did in the next box was this:

and my result:


As I am re-reading your post, I may be confused as to what is needed, so I hope this is helpful.

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Yup, many thanks as that is the solution to my problem.
Thou now I realized, that if I use this solution, I have problems with sorting by this field, as longer strings are differently ordered than shoreter ones - even if they have same beginning.
So I will probably keep 2 records - one number, to increase etc. and one to have the possibility to split those items.