Numbers in database/Search [SOLVED]

I am making a thing to search from the database using the number for it which adds one everytime it gets created. When I search it to look at it from filling it back in so people can look at what has been created it does not show it there. I believe it’s because you need more than 1 character to search. Is there any way around this? Another thing is to have it as 01 02 03 etc. but it will not keep the first 0 on it. Either way will work for me. Please let me know of a solution I can do. You may need to explain it pretty simple as I am pretty new to this.

Hey @brennenstapleton.

Make sure the field that will store your counter is set to number, not text. Then, when you create a new item, you can set the counter field by searching for the max value, and adding 1.

Numbers do not have leading zero’s so if you want to use that, you will have to add those at time of display – I think there is a regex solution to that in this forum so search for that.



This was not helpful to my issue at all. I already have that done and figured out how to do that before posting this. Thank you though

Good luck