Idea: add option to remove elements from parent

I find that I’m often moving elements around, grouping them and ungrouping them, etc.

One thing that seems fairly (unnecessarily) tedious is moving an element out of a group and then moving it back to the exact location on the page. Currently, this requires me to drag the group out of the parent group (but not place it on another group accidentally). Then, I have to calculate the x and y coordinates relative to the page (which often requires looking at the heights of several elements and calculating the space between them, etc.).

It’d be nice if I could just select an element and then click “remove from parent” and have it decoupled from the parent element and positioned in the same absolute position on the page.


This would be fantastic.

I agree, remove from parent would make a lot of sense, although it’d need to assume that you are moving the element to the parent of the parent group.

If there’s only a single element in the group, currently I add another temporary element, select both, ungroup, then remove the temporary element.

Also useful would be to move element(s) into any selected group, like dragging and dropping does, but without having to move it to a new position.


Completely agree. This may be a smarter approach that addresses more use cases.