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App Connector Issue? Or it it me?

I’ve got endpoints exposed and also have exposed post/all get settings in the Bubble settings screen to totally open the apps and it’s data but can’t trigger the workflow from the other app…

Where is it supposed to be?

There’s probably something wrong with your setup. Did you make sure in the API connector that “Use As” is set as ACTION and not DATA ?

I’m just submitting a bug report now…

You cannot switch it.

The only option i get is data… no action. nothing in the drop down other than Data.


If a call is a GET call, there is no way you can use as data.

As you can see, it’s data, i need action. There is nothing in the drop down.

If bid is a GET call, but not a worklfow, it can’t be action.

Both my apps that I’m connecting together are set without the Thread being a GET call (I hope I’m doing this right):

Then when I go to either app and try to add the API call I still don’t have the option to set it as Action:

I’m trying to create 2 apps. 1 is a driver app and the other is 1 is a passenger app.

Each side can send messages to the other party and start threads. I need to be able to access these threads and add new message texts to them from either side.

Unless there is a better way of doing this. Very messy it seems and I’m stuck without a clear(er) understanding.

So if a call name is the name of the type you’re exposing, it’s only going to be a Data, if it’s a workflow, you can keep, since if you use a return data action, it can return a data (and of course it can be a workflow since it’s a workflow in the first place).

Ok, made some progress on that but now faced with a bubble error:

How can i view what is causing this error?

One other thing of concern is i see this:

Which isn’t the data. “text (ID)”?


I get a privacy rules error but my app is totally open, and i’ve even exposed all the api’s without authentication + ignore set them to privacy rules and I’m still seeing the server error and authentication issue:

There is no way we can help without a way to reproduce.

I agree.

But I’m building a mobile app (multiple views) and it’s unlike a standard website.

You can’t be pointed to the spot as easily as there are no pages to navigate…

Do you have any suggestions? Video demo?

Well if it’s only happening on native, we’ won’t be able to fix it as we’re in early beta. But if you can reproduce this on a website then please file a bug report.

In any case, please do not post screenshots like this, that’s not helpful for us to help and doesn’t help the community in general. Thanks

I have re-produced the issue on 2 new apps that are simply a messager between two applications syncing the threads together.

  • Apps are wide open and all api’s turned on.

  • Message + thread types have been setup.

  • APP connector has been configured along with calls.

Go to page “ios-app” for both apps as this is a native app. There are no hidden groups to deal with for the purposes of this test.



See this

Ah. Sorry i was not clear.

This is not reproducing the bug. I think that my logic produced it inadvertantly.

I have set up what i am trying to configure on this test app.

I was also considering a 3rd app connected to hold the message “Threads” but again, i think i just need some clear help and ill be done with it… (an entire day later)

(Unless you prefer a bug report that is…)