Idea: Expression and Action Bank toolbar

There is loads of spare space on the upper horizontal toolbar on the bubble editor.
It would be amazing if we could copy and paste expressions or actions we’ve spent a long time building into a small bank of those where it was easy able for us to copy and paste those back out instead of hunting around in the editor for the right (probably hidden) components.

All we’d need would be a place to paste the expressions, and somewhere to name/organise them

Obviously we can put this sort of thing into reusable components to stop us having to need the same thing over and over again, but there has to be some places where you need the same thing again.

This should be possible with conditions, text builds, do a search fors etc.

If there was another “tab” we could take whole template workflow actions (like create a new thing with all its fields built again) that could be handy too.

It would help me I know that.

Ohh I have something that allows this. Would you be interested in it? It’s a product external to Bubble and serves as a backpack for styles, expressions, elements, workflows, data types… whatever can be copied and pasted.

Currently private.

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