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Right click in literal to paste dynamic expression

when I have a dynamic expression in the clipboard, if I right click inside some literal text, I’d like to have option to paste the expression there, without having to do the extra step of first using “insert dynamic data” and then right-clicking the placeholder it places to paste the expression there

of course if there’s text in the clipboard instead the right click menu should show Paste option (or fallback to browser’s popup menu as it does now, although I’d prefer a Bubble menu if it can access the system clipboard to get text pasted in that is [there is a chance it can’t in some browsers, so maybe falling back to the system popup if there’s no expression in bubble’s internal clipboard is best if that’s true])

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I second that. Furthermore, it would also be nice to be able to copy over areas of text / expressions, such as those from an email.

Today, I have to copy over each portion of text, then copy the dynamic value, then text, then dynamic value, etc. Would be nice if I could just copy all of it over at once.