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Save time by being able to copy conditional statements

I use a lot of conditional statements and sometimes there are minimal changes between conditions but I have to retype the entire condition. If there was a copy button or a way to copy the conditional statement it would save a lot of time re-entering similar information.


Are you not able to right click and choose “copy expression?” That’s what I use, unless you’re talking about something different when you mean conditions.

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Echoing Andrew’s post. The “copy expression” is a hidden gem that makes you go “where have you been all my life you sexy code!” when you figure it out. :grinning:

My big wish is that I could simply change “is” to “is not” without losing the rest of the expression, but I can live with it.


Yeah, or any other change. If I change a field, I still want to keep the rest of the expression.

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Second this. It would be very useful in saving those 30 seconds everytime we paste a conditional formatting

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WOW. Thanks for the tip. I was trying to highlight the condition to copy it, which it does not allow.

Also, just realized you can right click on any element and have a list of options.

Where have you been all my life you sexy code!

And I also agree about changing “is” to “is not” and changing fields.

Thanks everyone

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We’ll try to do this in the coming days :slight_smile:


We added this today. Modifying a field or an operator won’t delete the whole expression anymore :slight_smile:


This. Is. Huge.

Re-doing logic in my head because I set something up incorrectly the first time has been one of my biggest pain points.

Excellent job as always!

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Yes we should have done that ages ago…

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beautiful :slight_smile:


Where’s “copy expression”??:scream:

This is great. Time saving. Thanks.

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In the condition editor, simply right click on the expression and you’ll get the option. It’s magic!


There are things in bubble that are 99,9% perfect and when I find something that could improve my user experience by 0,1% (like this tweak to conditions) I think to myself it would be to much to ask to improve that…and then I read here that you just made this function even better. Just awesome!