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Idea = Sharable "Open Source Code" Between Apps

It seems to me that Bubble’s community is a big portion of the product’s success, and I think it’d be useful to leverage it more fully.

One impactful way to do so would be to enable any user to quickly / easily package small portions of there app into a “module” that could be shared, coupled with a UI to sort through public modules, comment on them, rate them, and quickly install them.

To make this work, it’s important that the process of submitting and downloading these “modules” be seamless and friction free. For example, it’d be nice if I could create a module by simply selecting a set of elements, workflows, custom states, etc. from any of my pages …without having to create a new page or a new reusable element, etc. (which often requires enough trouble so as to discourage people from doing so). Then, with a single click publish this module to an “open source” directory where others can download it and make it their own.

Just an idea. Seems like it could make building a lot of functionality a whole lot easier because I’m sure members of the community would share many of their modules if it were this easy to do so.

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I am sure I read somewhere that that is what the plugin framework should eventually offer.

Yeah, that’s what it seems like to me as well. I had originally posted this before the plugin framework was announced.

Seems like the Bubble team is already making great progress towards this objective which makes me very excited for all of us. Will be a game changer IMO.

I never noticed the date you posted it, but it appeared as new/updated or whatever, you must have just edited then…

Yeah. Someone liked it and then I noticed I had a bunch of spelling / grammar mistakes from having written it so fast. Figured best to clean it up. Didn’t think to realize it would move it to the front page. Oh well.