Sharing Bubble workflows and blocks

What is the best way to share pieces of a Bubble app with others (i.e. in a team)?

For example, if I create a useful workflow and want to share it in the forum or with a teammember, what is the best way to do that?

Do I have to send around screenshots with instruction steps? Or can I send pieces of JSON? Or is OpenBuild what I’m looking for?


You can open the Editor for everyone to view or with an agency account.

hey! could be what you’re looking for. We are currently working on our Team plan to facilitate exactly what you want to do. We want to launch that hopefully next week. It allows you to share your components with other team members. Not for reselling though :slight_smile:

For now, you are stuck with having to have access to the other editor and copy pasting. Or you put your creations in a template and make it available through the template market.

Thanks for the response!

Will OpenBuild support workflows?

Yes, we are working on that right now. Technically you could do that now to a certain extent with openBuild, but the variety in types of workflows is big and we don’t want to end up giving the users a lot of errors when using components with workflows.

So instead of a simple one click-add-to-app, there is a bit more of an ‘install’ required. For example, we should check if certain plugins are required, if you use backend workflows, if there are data types that need to be created etc. So all in all, a lot to consider!